Talk Now - Toddler Speech Development Video Program

Video based education  |  Product #TN001

  • Fast track your child's speech development
  • Start right now in the comfort of your own home
  • Designed to get parents helping their toddler very quickly


  • Instant access on all orders
  • No shipping costs
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Product Overview

The Talk Now program is a premium video based course designed to teach parents how to help their speech delayed toddler with speaking.

It is the fastest and easiest program available on the market.

Detailed Specifications

General Specifications

  • Web based video series
  • Downloadable documents
  • Secure membership portal accessed via internet

Device Compatibility List

  • Microsoft Windows based PCs and laptops
  • Mac OS based desktops and MacBooks
  • iOS mobile devices including iPhones and iPads
  • Android based devices including Samsung, HTC, Nexus, and other devices
  • Not compatiable with Apple Watch, Pebble, or "wearable" devices

Media Format and Quality

  • Videos play in MP4 format
  • Videos at 700 x 524 resolution for faster streaming with quality images
  • All downloadable documents in PDF - readable online and on any device
  • PDFs rendered in 1280 x 960 resolution


  • All content is electronics
  • Immediate access

Bonus Materials

Bonus 1: Progress Tracker

  • Progress tracker to monitor your toddler's progress
  • Download, print, and track weekly
  • Measuring results is the key to success
  • Comes in PDF format to maximum compatibility

Bonus 2: Lesson Planner

  • Organize and plan your child's speech development
  • Weekly planner provides and easy view of activities for the week
  • Ensures scheduled time with your toddler for best results
  • Download the PDF from the main login page

Bonus 3: Speech Certificate

  • Speech certificate to motivate your toddler when they have success
  • Download, print, and post in your child's play area
  • Let your toddler add a sticker each time they say a new word
  • PDF format for best compatibility


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of purchase you do not feel the product is helping your child’s speech, you can receive a full refund upon request.  There will  be no pressure and no hassle.

  • q-iconIs this good for my toddler's specific speech issues?

    This is a very good question.  The simple answer is that this is designed around typical speech issues from typical causes.  If you’re child’s delay is caused by a more typical issue, the program will significantly help.

    Speech delay can be caused by several conditions, including hearing loss, intellectual disability, prematurity, auditory processing disorder, and apraxia, to name a few.

    If your child’s delay stems from a more complicated issue, the program’s effectiveness can vary.

  • q-iconWill the program work for my language?

    The program is delivered in English, so you will need to be fluent to understand the videos and read all the material.

    However, the majority of what you learn will work with any language you are teaching your child.  So if your child’s first language will be Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or even Swahili, you can use this course.

  • q-iconWhat does this program require from me?

    This question is VERY IMPORTANT.

    This course requires lots of things to work well (which you will learn in the course).  But the most important two are Your Commitment of Time and Your Patience.

    The course REQUIRES that YOU, as the parent, spend time with your child to help them learn.  This means you will need to spend time with them playing and engaging with them.  No one can define a magic number, but I recommend at least 15 minutes per day of dedicated time.  More if you can spare it.

    You will also find some of the techniques will be general ones you start to use with all your interactions with your child, so that will help progress.

    But if you’re looking to download a program that will help your child without your effort, NO SUCH PROGRAM EXISTS (not one that works).

  • q-iconIs this program suitable for my child's age?

    This program is designed for children between 18 months old to 4 years old.