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My main mission with this website is pretty simple.  It's to help people with toddlers who have a speech delay.

In Canada (where I live), we have public health care.  Which is great as we all have health care access regardless of our wealth.  However, it can mean long waits.  Speech therapy in my province is a 10 month wait.  I want to help others this long waits.

If we were to hire a private Speech Language Pathologist, the cost is around $150.  That's pretty expensive for many people around the world.  So I want help people save money by offering a lower cost option.

There are many, many people in some countries who have varying degrees of health coverage.  I want to help people with health coverage gaps.

And there are those who, regardless if they fall into another group, are so worried that they want to start helping their child now.  So I want to assist parents to get immediately start getting results with their children.

Who I Am

Hello and welcome to our site.

If you've been to my main page, you probably know why I'm here.  My daughter was diagnosed with speech delay when she was 18 months old.  When that happened to me, that changed my focus in life and encouraged me to become very involved in helping her develop past the speech delay.

I decided to use my skills and experiences and combined them with everything I learned about speech development to create a structure to ensure we created an environment where my daughter could learn as many words as possible.

After successfully helping her, I decided to create this site.  My goal is to help you achieve the same results my daughter received, as fast or EVEN FASTER than we did.   There's not risk to you by trying.

If you have any questions, email me and I'll let you know about the system I created that will help you start helping your son or daughter start speaking.


Terry, Elise, and the TSB team

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